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Top 5 Tips To Be Beach Ready In A Hurry

Summer is officially here and that means summer holidays and times spent on the beach are on the horizon. Unfortunately it’s usually at this moment, just as the swim wear is being dug out from the bottom of the draw, that people begin to consider how they actually feel and look.

Beach Body
Now we, along with most reputable trainers, would suggest that at this late stage of the game there isn’t a whole lot you can do. Any dramatic short term fitness campaign is likely to cause more harm than good, either in the form of injury or repercussions afterwards such as gaining extra fat. Any serious effort towards improving health, performance or physique should be done over an extended period of time to allow you the chance to develop new healthier habits in exercise and nutrition to get the best changes in the healthiest manner.

However, we also understand that this is extremely frustrating to hear when you have an imminent holiday coming up and aren’t feeling confident about it. So what can you do?

What can you do
Well the best last minute strategy for improving your body shape is to concentrate on 3 things:

  1. Reducing bloat and inflammation
  2. Reducing Stress
  3. Increase your confidence

To help you with these 3 objectives here’s our top 5 tips to be beach ready in a hurry:

  1. Cut out processed foods and alcohol – These are the main culprits for inflaming our digestive system and this can lead to a puffy, inflamed look. Not ideal for feeling confident on the beach. By eliminating these things, we can create a leaner look in the face and body and the best news is that there can be noticeable changes within a short period of time.
  2. no-alcohol

  3. Replace high starch carbs with vegetables – Foods containing high levels of starch and/or high levels of wheat can cause a bloated look in our stomach and typically contain more calories. By replacing foods such as pasta, bread and potatoes with an extra portion of veg we reduce the amount of bloat we have as well as the calories we consume. This all helps with flattening our stomach and the extra portions of veg will help our body and brain function better, making us more effective at burning fat whilst also making us feel generally better about ourselves.
  4. spinach

  5. Sleep – Everything is better on a good night’s sleep. Your body won’t look as puffy and tired and you’ll feel better about pretty much everything. Follow the link to get more info on how to get a good nights sleep.
  6. Get Active but don’t go crazy – In the short time span before you go away there’s only so much exercising you can do. Make sure you are being active, focusing mainly on circuit based workouts to boost your heart rate a few times per week and just generally being active on your days away from the gym (think walking or yoga). This will help burn fat and tone your muscles, without wearing you out and leaving you with a tired stressed looking physique.
  7. Have fun and get out of your head – Make sure to keep your expectations of your last minute alterations realistic and don’t overly stress about things. The more you enjoy feeling a bit healthier and concentrating on enjoying your holiday the more confident and less body conscious you’ll be when it comes time to hit the beach.

Beach Fun
We hope this helps anyone looking for some last minute tips and that it may also inspire people to keep up some of these changes after you get back from your holidays. Remember if you stay ready you never have to worry about getting ready!!

Until next time.

Live Healthy,

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