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The Big Secret

When I’m asked what I do and I reply, ‘Personal Trainer’, it’s very rare that I’m not asked for some advice. People either want to know what to eat, or what exercises are good for certain things or they want to know what I do myself. I’m always happy to oblige people and answer as comprehensively as I can depending on the situation. Often though I get the impression that they are disappointed with the answers I give and it’s mainly, I think, because they’ve heard it all before. They weren’t particularly interested in the basic information that you can pick up in a magazine, book or on the internet, they wanted the big secret!


Most people know that exercising regularly, eating healthily and sleeping well are important for a healthy and fit lifestyle, but as everyone knows that, but not everyone is in shape, people assume it can’t be that simple. There must be a missing piece of the puzzle that people aren’t telling us.


I remember thinking the same thing when I first started working out. I bought my first book on training for sport and couldn’t wait to see all the weird and wonderful exercises I’d never seen before. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the pages to see exercises such as push ups and squats written down! And in the nutrition chapter it went on about the importance of water and vegetables!! But surely it can’t be that simple! What I’ve discovered over time is, that generally, it is that simple, but simple should never be confused with easy.

Now not everything in health and fitness is simple. There is a technique to everything, which is important to learn, and there are tricks and tips that can be used to make everything more effective and efficient. There are also special cases where people may have certain illnesses or restrictions or they may be training for extreme situations, but for the most part it’s pretty simple. Focus on getting really good at the basics. That’s the secret of most successful people. They relentlessly do the basics day in day out. Not for half the week, not on and off every few months or so, they do it all the time. And that’s not easy. Getting up early to get a workout in before work, making a salad for lunch instead of eating KFC and going to bed instead of staying up to watch TV all take effort. They aren’t the easy options. But they’re not complicated either. It just takes some thought and commitment.

Fit and healthy people also tend to strive to get better and better at the basics, especially the exercise part. If you go to the gym and just go through the motions you aren’t ever going to be as successful as if you go in and aim to improve each time. If you tried to improve by just 1% each day, you’d be 365% better off in just one year!

Chuck Noll, who is a four time Super Bowl Winning American Football coach, once told his players:

Champions Quote

Now it’s true at the elite end of health and fitness genetics will have a lot to do with success too, but this shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to try. You don’t need super genetics to be in good health. You just need a decent amount of exercise, plenty of nutritious food and a generous helping of quality sleep. Once you can do that, do it again and again and again, and don’t stop, making sure each time you do it, you focus on trying to get a little bit better.

That’s the Big Secret – Relentlessly performing the basics as well as you can.

Live Healthy,

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