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Personal Workout Programmes

Our Personal Workout Programmes (PWP’s) are designed specifically for you, providing you with the most effective and efficient workouts for achieving your goals.

PWP’s are perfect for people who have simple goals, such as dealing with a minor injury or improving a single aspect of athletic performance. They are also designed to help people who can’t commit to personal training or find a class that’s suits their diary and can also be a great supplement to group training. Although experience is useful it is not essential and even complete beginners can benefit from this service.

Why use aps PWPs?

  • Personalised Workouts For Better Results – Based on what you want to achieve, the results of our own custom assessment process and your personal circumstances we create workouts that are specifically designed for you. This means that the exercises you use are the most effective and efficient way of achieving your goals.
  • Highly adaptable to your lifestyle – You don’t have to come to our gym at a specific time each week as you are free to complete the workouts whenever suits you best. We will also design the workouts based on where you want to do them, meaning you can use your a commercial gym, your own gym, the great outdoors or even your living room.
  • Cost effective – Although this service lacks the level of information and tuition you receive from personal training it is a great, cost effective, way of learning and performing functional individualised exercises specific to your body and your goals.
  • Online Support – All your exercises and workout programmes will be online so you can access the information where ever and when ever you like, as well as watch instructional videos of each of your exercises.

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