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The classroom vs the exam hall – where are your training sessions taking place?

When it comes to training ourselves, whether its exercise sessions in the gym, sports sessions on the field (or in my case on the rock), or learning and applying food and lifestyle habits, try to treat the experience as a lesson, and every now and then throw […]

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What language do you speak? Part 4

Part 4: Think Before You Leap As we have seen before, statements promote strong action, both positive and negative. Because of this we need to use careful consideration to ensure our statements are constructive to our goals. One of the ways we can do this is by […]

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What language do you speak? Part 3

Part 3 – Empower yourself Now that you are seeing situations as opportunities it is important to address how you are talking to yourself during them. Next time you talk about something you are trying to accomplish, listen to your words and recognise whether your intent resonates […]

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Healthy Flapjack Recipe!!

Here’s a quick, tasty and healthy treat to try! Ingredients 250g organic porridge oats (gluten sensitive – Bob’s Redmill Gluten Free Oats); 125g organic butter or ghee; 125g organic coconut sugar (rich caramel flavour and healthy alternative to sugar); 1 tbs organic honey (healthy alternative for syrup); […]

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What language do you speak? Part 2

Be an Opportunist How we perceive a situation often determines the outcome. The same situation can be perceived as a Problem, a Challenge or an Opportunity. Let’s discuss the mind-set each word promotes and how the answers, and therefore actions, are influenced by the words used to […]

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What language do you speak? Part 1

French, Italian, Thai? We don’t teach foreign languages at aps, but what we are interested in is the internal language we all speak. Self-talk is a language we all share and it can have dramatic effects on the things that we do. This article series will address […]

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Hero Foods Series – Salt

The Hero Organic unprocessed sea salt (should have a grey or pink tint) Full of nutrients and other trace minerals; Improves hydration by improving water absorption; Contains natural electrolytes (the ones Lucozade are always talking about); Reduces stress by speeding up cortisol (stress hormone) clearance from the […]

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Breathing – Be Proud of Your Big Belly

Breathing is one of the most important things you do every day. Sounds obvious, everyone breathes right? Yes, but how we breathe can have a significant impact on our health. Most of us are using a compensated breathing pattern (shallow chest breaths) which activates our stress hormones […]

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The Great Weight Debate

Nearly every time we ask someone the reason that they exercise or are trying to live a healthier lifestyle the answer has something to do with weight. People either seem to think they should weigh less, or weigh more. The government even publish tables and charts so […]

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5 Practical Nutrition Tips

Nutrition can sometimes be a daunting topic and often people get so confused about where to begin that they end up doing nothing at all. We often find that getting people started with healthy eating is the hard part, but once people start following even just the […]

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