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Injured? Why are you surprised!

The minefield of injuries that climbers face specifically just from climbing is quite extensive. Here’s a list of the most common from most to least frequent: Wrists & fingers – A2/ A3 pulley, carpel tunnel syndrome & peritendinitis; Elbows – lateral epicondylitis, medial epicondylitis, Bicep & brachialis […]

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Secrets to Solving Sore Shoulders, Aggravated Elbows & Wrecked Fingers – The Thoracic Spine

Finger, elbow and shoulder pain/injury is as common as muck in climbing. There’s plenty of ideas for rehabbing these injuries at the area itself but what’s bewildering is no one’s looking beyond the arm! If the arm is commonly injured it’s likely something else in the chain […]

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9 Point Guide For Climbing Strong & Injury Free

Climbing is one of the most awesome ways to get out, get physical and have fun in the great playground of the big wide world, however 2 challenges repeatedly crop up: Grade performance plateaus It’s risky, thwart with chance of injury (especially the more you climb and push […]

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The aps Guide To Unrestricted Living

Unrestricted Living = Doing what you want, when you want. Sounds good right? We bet there aren’t many people on the planet that wouldn’t like to spend their time doing whatever they wanted. Unfortunately we all know that true Unrestricted Living isn’t possible as there are many restrictions […]

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Ending Your Day – A tip for a better night’s sleep

All of us need, and want, a decent night’s sleep. Unfortunately this can often elude us. One reason for this is a busy mind full of things from the past or tasks to do in the future. This can lead to our minds either not letting us […]

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Buckwheat Crepes Recipe

Prep – 5 mins . Cook – 20 mins . Makes – 10 Ingredients 125g Organic Buckwheat Flour 2 Organic Eggs 300ml Milk of your choice 1 tablespoon of honey Pinch of Sea Salt Butter or Coconut Oil for Cooking Directions Turn the oven on low to […]

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4 Healthy Habits To Try In 2016

1) Belly Breathing – If you watch most toddlers breathe you’ll often see their bellies inflate outwards as they take a nice deep inhale before deflating as they breathe out: a calm relaxed breathing sequence. In contrast if you watch most adults they’ll be mainly breathing via […]

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Q&A – November 2015

Q1 – A while ago I started to use push ups more frequently in my workouts, but am starting to get a little bored of them now. Could you please suggest some variations I can use to add a little variety in to my training sessions? A1 […]

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Are You Ready For Ski Season?

The snow season is fast approaching and many of us will be heading to the slopes for an adventure; fresh mountain air, incredible views, and epic pistes full of turns and moguls to tackle. However, it’s important to remember that snow can be a tough arena with […]

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Improve Your Workouts With Reactive Sets

At aps we love moving, training and sport. We also love feeling energetic and healthy, so we use various techniques in our training to ensure we get to enjoy what we love doing, but in a way which leaves us feeling good. Life is never static; energy […]

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