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Our Top 10 Tips for staying fit and healthy this Christmas!!

  1. Think Ahead – Throughout the Christmas season it’s possible to be presented with the chance to indulge in ‘treat’ foods, alcohol and late nights almost every day! That’s why it’s important to head in with a plan of action. Unless your income stream revolves around staying in peak physical condition it’s pretty unrealistic to think that you won’t indulge a little more than usual at this time of year, so having an idea of how much indulging will lead to a positive feeling is important. This will vary person to person. You want to think about what level will lead to you feeling happy when it is all said and done. Too little and you may feel like you’ve missed out or that relationships have been strained and too much and you may feel like your health and fitness goals have taken a severe bashing. Having a think beforehand about how many treats you feel you can have without having a negative impact is a good way to stop the inevitable guilty feelings (the ‘wish I hadn’t done that’ feeling) that often come through indulging without any marker of where to stop. There is no right or wrong answer it’s just a case of making sure you’re doing exactly what you want to do so that you don’t regret things afterwards.
  2. Think Ahead

  3. Stay Hydrated – A pretty simple one, but everyone feels better when they are properly hydrated. In between the alcohol and fizzy drinks, make sure to indulge in some good quality water (try adding a pinch of organic sea salt to each litre) so your body doesn’t have to deal with dehydration as well as the 12th mince pie.
  4. Christmas Water

  5. Get as much good quality sleep as possible – To enjoy Christmas as much as possible it helps to be awake, as well as being as energetic as you can. To do this you will need sleep. 7 to 9 hours of good quality sleep a night is what you want to aim for, but on nights when this isn’t possible just aim for as much quality sleep as you can. Things such as blackout blinds and having your room at a nice temperature will help keep the quality of your sleep high even when quantity is down. Deep, slow belly breathing when you first get in to bed will also help calm your system down and allow you to drift off easier after a frantic day of Christmas shopping.
  6. Christmas sleep

  7. Eat Quality Natural Foods at Meal Times – Mince pies, boxes of chocolates and many other tasty treats will be on offer this festive season and although delightful to the taste buds they don’t offer all the nutrients our body needs. To balance this out it’s important to stick to eating good quality, natural foods at meals times, including good sources of protein (red meat, poultry, fish, eggs etc) and a good variety of vegetables. It’s easy to get caught up in indulgent eating and start having Christmas cake for breakfast but giving your body the nutrients it needs at normal meal times will go a long way to cancelling out the occasional Christmas treat.
  8. healthy food

  9. Make sure to workout, but consider an intensity adjustment – It’s important throughout a busy time to still make room for exercise. Not only is it important for health, but it’s important to keep a routine going so it doesn’t disappear until the spring of 2015. Due to a possible lack of sleep, a very busy social life or just a more hectic home life however, it may be necessary to adjust the intensity of your workouts to avoid burnout. This could include using less intense activities, reducing the number of sessions in a week or simple reducing the duration of each workout. Keep the routine going but don’t spoil things by overdoing it (I think a theme is emerging here?!).
  10. Keep your goal in mind – Whatever your specific goal is, make sure to keep it in mind, and take some steps towards it, even little ones. For instance if you’re currently working to get out of pain, find 10 minutes a day to fit in your corrective stretches and exercise. Aiming to lower your body fat? Try things such as keeping your portion sizes under control. You can still eat some of the delicious food on offer, but aim to have slightly less than other years. A few actions towards your goal each day, even if it’s less than usual, will help you stay on track so that you can easily get back in to the swing of things come January.
  11. Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

  12. Everyday doesn’t have to be a party – There are plenty of Christmas parties to get involved with throughout December but there are some days that are just are normal, so treat them that way. Perform your workouts, eat healthy foods, get a decent amount of sleep and go about business as normal. It’s fantastic to have lots of fun, but you don’t need to take a whole month off from your goals to do that.
  13. Capitalise on Downtime – Christmas can be a lot of fun, but it can also be incredibly stressful. To combat this make sure to capitalise on any downtime you have. This means when you get 5 minutes to yourself find things to do that will help replenish your energy. Things such as stretching, meditation and breathing exercises are much better uses of downtime for helping you feel better than browsing through YouTube or writing on Facebook about how busy you are.
  14. Rest

  15. Listen To Your Body – Sometimes enough is enough. All of us have a limit to how much festive fun (and stress) we can take. If you start to show signs of ill health it’s time to take a break, scale back what you are doing and reconsider your plans, before your body forces you to slow down. Listen to what your body needs and if it needs rest you’re better off listening to the initial signs and having a couple of early nights that pushing through and having a week in bed with flu.
  16. Have fun and stay relaxed – Remember to enjoy yourself and keep your mind calm. There is a lot to do at Christmas but remind yourself it isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s meant to be fun. When you have a busy, stressed out mind your body doesn’t know the difference between a busy holiday season and being in a war zone. A few simple relaxation cues such as slow belly breathing, walking calmly and a big old smile will help send your body signals that everything is ok, helping you have fun and stay calm (even with all the relatives over!).
  17. Minion Fun

Have a Very Merry Christmas and we look forward to speaking to you all in the New Year!!

Live Healthy,

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