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Health & Fitness – If you’re not enjoying it, you’re doing it wrong!

For me, how we each choose to spend our time in life is very important. It’s something that you can never get back once it’s gone and none of us know for sure how much of it we have. This is why I have recently made a conscious effort to try and find enjoyment in everything I do.


Now this doesn’t mean that I only spend my time doing the things I find enjoyable, otherwise not a lot would get done, but it does mean that I try and enjoy the task I’m doing whilst I’m doing it. For instance I really don’t enjoy cleaning, especially dusting, but I do enjoy exercise and I do like training other people. So when it is time for me to do some cleaning at the aps gym, instead of concentrating on how tedious I find cleaning, I make an effort to focus on how much nicer it will be lifting weights that aren’t dusty or grubby and I think about how much nicer my clients experience will be in a clean environment. Lo and behold the time seems to fly by and I’ve even ended up vacuuming the tops of the lights!


It really doesn’t make sense to me to dwell on the negatives of a subject when there are positives you could be thinking of instead. You could view teeth cleaning as a boring chore, but why when you can think about how healthy it will keep your teeth and how nice it is to be able to smile confidently when out and about and in photos.

This is the same principle that I ask everyone to adopt when it comes to health and fitness. I recognise that perhaps I’m in the minority of people that truly love exercise and getting out of my comfort zone, but there are so many positives that come of it, I believe everyone can find one to latch on too. Here are just a few positives that I take from staying fit and healthy;

  • It makes everyday tasks easier;
  • It gives me the confidence to try new things;
  • It allows me to enjoy things such as alcohol and cake without feelings of guilt;
  • It means I can do thinks such as sit and watch a film without fidgeting around due to back pain;
  • It means I have to take a very small amount, if any, time off due to illness;
  • It gives me reassurance that I will be around to see and support my future family;
  • It allows me to not worry about things such as keeping up with friends and family on days out or going swimming where I’ll have to show some skin;
  • It helps me feel good about myself each day.


I could go on and on about the other positives I get, but these alone would make being fit and healthy worthwhile for me.

Of course there are some more negative aspects of exercise for some people, I often here that it’s too uncomfortable or ‘so and so’ over the road gets away without doing any of this, or it’s not as fun as computer games.

However, there are positive aspects to all of these. Yes some exercise can be uncomfortable, but chronic back pain is far worse and the endorphin rush after exercise is nearly always worth it.

Some people can get away with doing less at certain points in their life, but near enough everyone will need to learn to look after themselves sooner or later, so why not get a head start?

I also completely understand enjoying computer games more than exercise, but wouldn’t it be nice to not get neck ache playing them or have faster reactions when playing them with friends? I happen to know something that would help with that!

Usually a lack of enjoyment comes from not being in the moment, wishing you were spending time on something else and focusing on the negatives, but if while you’re exercising or keeping a food diary you focus on all the positives you’re getting from it not only will it seem more enjoyable, you will be more likely to form a habit and look forward to doing it in the future.

Near enough everything in life has positives and negatives attached to it, so if you decide to go and do something why not concentrate on all the positives, embrace the negatives and make the experience more enjoyable? It makes sense to me, why not try and see if it starts to make sense to you too.

Live healthy,

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