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Heal or Steal?

An easy way to evaluate each meal you eat is to answer the question – ‘Is this meal healing me or stealing from me?’

  • If the majority of your meals heal this will give your mind and body the potential to live a vibrant and energetic life;
  • If the majority of your meals steal from you it can kill your life force. Over and over we see chronic fatigue and lack of energy, which in the long term has the potential to develop into clinical health problems, disease and eventually death.

What is a healing meal?

  • Natural food – real food such as steak, chicken, spinach, butter, apples.
  • Quality – try to eat free range and if possible organic.
  • Ratios right for you – This means eating to your metabolic type being aware that this is never static.

What is a stealing meal?

  • Unnatural / Processed –Is this food? Emulsifiers (472e, 481 derived from soy)l, Preservatives (200, 282), Soy Flour, Ground Maize, Mineral Salt (170), Acidity Regulators (262, 297), Dough Conditioners (300, 516), Enzyme (1100), Vitamin (Thiamin, Folate) (ooh it’s a sausage and egg McMuffin)
  • Poor quality – if foods had a poor existence you can bet it’s not going to be very nutritious or tasty. Look out for herbicides and pesticides on grains, fruits and vegetables. With meats and poultry avoid caged animals fed grain based diets. Avoid farmed fish , they are often fed grain diets (not very natural for nemo) and loaded with synthetic antibiotics.

Try following the 80/20 rule.

Although some change is necessary you don’t need to be perfect. If you want to try or have individual circumstances / goals that require being closer to perfect you have our full support, but for most it is generally agreed that eating healing meals 80% of the time is great place to start.

Live Healthy,

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