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Finding Your Motivation to be Healthy

Have you ever;

  • Been in too much pain or had injuries that have stopped you from doing something you enjoy?
  • Been too unfit to get involved with activities you’d like to try?
  • Been put off of things due to a lack of confidence?
  • Been unhappy with the way you look?
  • Or been held back by your health and fitness in anyway?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are part of a pretty big and seemingly ever expanding group. The more people I speak to about this the more people I find that are in some way being restricted by their health and fitness.


Now I understand that sometimes this is going to happen due to things beyond our control, but more often than not it can simply be a lack of attention, understanding or effort that is holding people back.

Staying healthy can be simple, fun and doesn’t need to take over your whole life. With just a little bit of care and attention you can open up a world of opportunities and make everything that bit more enjoyable. Wouldn’t it be nice to;

  • Move around pain and injury free?
  • Have excess energy to spend on the things you’re passionate about?
  • Have the fitness to do the things you love whether it be keeping up with the kids at the weekend or competing at a sport?
  • Be able to go on holiday without the panic of showing some skin?

Of course it would!

I believe that it is possible for the majority of people to be Pain Free, Have Plenty Of Energy & Fitness To Do The Things You Love and Be Confident With The Way You Look. It just requires a bit of attention and a bit of effort, nothing drastic and nothing scary.

I know there are lots of people that don’t like exercise, sweating or eating vegetables, but I also know a lot of the same people do like going out with friends and would love to do so without a sore back, painful knees, feeling overly tired the next day or picking up a cold after the weekend. They would also love to feel confident about their body shape and I bet these same people would love to be healthy enough to enjoy their grandchildren in the future.

To help find your motivation to be healthy, take some time today and write down 3 things you enjoy and 3 things you’d like to do in the future. Then write down all the ways in which these things can be restricted by your level of health and how much it would suck if that was the case. Finally on a separate piece of paper write down all the ways in which the things you love to do would be enhanced by feeling healthy (i.e. pain/illness free, physically capable and body confident).

Make a List

What you have now are all the reasons you needed to get started with a healthy lifestyle. Not because the news told you too, not because your neighbour does and you feel you should copy them, but because of how much better it will make all the things you love in life.

So I encourage you to make your list, find some exercise you enjoy, start realising that healthy food can be tasty too and make sure your health isn’t holding you back from the awesome life that’s waiting for you out there.

Live healthy,

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