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6 Foods To Help Boost Mental Clarity & Brain Function

We often talk about the best ways to eat, rest and move in terms of how it will make us look and perform but we don’t often stop to consider how we’re treating our brains.

Mental Clarity
Considering it’s our brain that’s in charge of everything we do, this is a little strange. If our cognitive function is slightly impaired it will effect everything from our performance in the gym to how we view ourselves when we look in to the mirror.

So with this said here are 6 foods to help boost your mental clarity and brain function:

  1. Water – Ok so technically not a food but as dehydration has been shown to actually shrink brain tissue we thought it was worth mentioning. Drinking plenty of good quality water can help improve short term memory, focus and decision making.
  2. Water

  3. Spinach – Full of the antioxidant Luetin, research has suggested that spinach helps boost mental function and help prevent cognitive decline as you age.
  4. spinach

  5. Fatty Fish – Full of Omega 3 fatty acids, fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines are reported to improve memory and focus, whilst lowering the risk of dementia.
  6. Fatty Fish

  7. Beetroot – A great source of naturally occurring nitrites shown to improve blood flow to the brain.
  8. Beetroot

  9. Berries – Long thought to help improve brain function a recent study also suggested berries such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries helped to slow the decline of memory and focus.
  10. berries

  11. Avocados – Full of monosaturated fats proven to improve vascular health and blood flow, helping you to feel more alert and clear headed.


As always remember to find the best quality versions of these you can and then tuck in knowing they’re doing you good both physically and mentally!!!

Until next time.

Live Healthy,

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