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5 Practical Nutrition Tips

Nutrition can sometimes be a daunting topic and often people get so confused about where to begin that they end up doing nothing at all. We often find that getting people started with healthy eating is the hard part, but once people start following even just the foundations they start to see some great results. So here are 5 practical tips that you can start using today!

1) Eat the best quality food that you can afford;

It’s a pretty simple tip to start with. Buy the freshest, most natural food that your money can buy and then eat it. Good things to look for are foods without an ingredient list, such as fresh meat and vegetables, that are locally sourced and that are in season.

2) Eat a diet balanced in protein, carbohydrates and fat;

There are plenty of reasons to chop and change the percentage of protein, carbohydrates and fats in your diet, but eating a healthy balance is a great place to start. Your body needs each food type to perform different tasks, so eating a good source of each type at each meal will give your body the fuel it needs to help you live a healthy and vibrant life day to day.

3) Stay hydrated with good quality water;

We often speak about this and have written about it in depth in other articles, but the body needs water to function, so be vigilant in keeping your body at a healthily hydrated level, this means neither under hydrated nor over hydrated.

4) Use a variety of healthy foods;

There are lots of healthy foods out there and the body will get slightly different health benefits from each of them. This means that by eating a variety of different meats, vegetables, healthy grains and fruit you are giving your body a great mixture of all the vital ingredients it needs to function at its highest level.

5) Be consistent;

Make sure you are eating consistently throughout the day to avoid the feeling of severe hunger. You should also eat just enough to satisfy you and avoid over indulging to the point where you feel ‘too full’. Better to eat little and often throughout the day, rather than just one or two huge meals. The body will function better in a state of calm and by eating to extremes (whether this is over eating or under eating) you put an unnecessary strain on the body.

There is undoubtedly more to good nutrition than these 5 tips and you will see greater effects through following an individualised nutrition programme, but by making a start and following these tips you will be surprised with how good you can start to feel and how much it can help you with whatever your health and fitness goals might be.

Live Healthy

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