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20:15 – Things to do and Things to Avoid This Year – Part 2

In part 1 we looked at 20 things to start doing in 2015 to help improve your health, happiness and fitness for the year. In part 2 we’re going to suggest 15 things to start avoiding this year. These are all things that people commonly tend to do and often they’re things people do without even thinking about it.

If you missed part 1 you can read it here.

15 things to avoid in 2015

  1. Procrastinating – Stop waiting for the ideal time to start something and just start it. Even if it’s a tiny step forward, do something to contribute towards your goals today.
  2. Negative thinking – If you tell yourself something enough you can often end up making it come true. Tell yourself you’re useless and won’t achieve anything and you make it much more likely to come true.
  3. Nay Sayers – Some people in life, whether on purpose or by accident, will always tell you that you can’t, won’t or shouldn’t. Avoid them at all costs. If someone regularly drains the energy out of you or puts you down then they aren’t someone you want in your close circle of friends.
  4. Nay Sayers

  5. ‘Stress Food’ overload – Some foods, like exercises, put more stress on our body than others. Grains, sugar and dairy being common culprits that you should avoid overloading on. There are times when it may be suitable to use them, just as there are times to train at your limit, but it isn’t something that is necessarily going to help you daily.
  6. Reliance on things – Lucky pants, music to exercise to, a person to diet with, anything that we end up not being able to do without, is at some point going to be a restriction. If you can only exercise with a certain person or sleep after a certain ritual you’re setting yourself up for a fall when conditions don’t suit you. Things such as a varied, though relaxing, night time routine and training with a mixture of people in a mixture of places are all ways to try and break our reliance on things.
  7. The same mistakes – Each year we all make mistakes. It’s a part of life. In 2015 at least try to make new ones instead of repeating the same ones over and over.
  8. Just ‘Passing The Time’ – It’s one of the few things in life we can’t get a refund on and nobody knows quite how much of it they have. This year avoid the common time filling activities and make sure to fill your time with the things that you get the most out of.
  9. ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes – Anything that offers substantial gain for minimal effort is in all likely hood too good to be true. Whether it’s sport, body shape, money or anything else, the only tried and tested formula for success is hard work and dedication over a sustained period of time.
  10. getrichquick

  11. Being overly emotional – we all get emotional from time to time and that is very much a part of life. This year, however, try not to invest too much time in them. Emotions don’t bring about change, only action can do that. Let your emotions spur action but then let them go. For example if you’re feeling sad, work out why and what to about it and then put those ideas into action. Once you start working your way out of a situation you should then remind yourself that you have herd your emotional cue and it’s ok to begin to let that feeling subside now.
  12. Being overly invested in the past / future – the past cannot be changed and a great deal of our future cannot be controlled so it makes little sense to spend most of our time thinking about either of them. Try to stay mainly in the present, using your past to help you make better decisions and your vision for the future to help govern your actions.
  13. Staying up for the sake of it – maybe it’s because we had a bed time as children, but there is a habit in the world of people staying up, mainly just because they can. There’s no real reason to watch a film until 2am and coupled with the fact most people complain about being tired, 2015 would seem like a good year to start staying up late only if there is a genuine need to do so.
  14. Injuries – They seem to be getting more and more prevalent. Staying in shape, playing a sport, day to day life – none of these are a reason for being injured. Sure we can never rule them out completely, but the majority of injuries need not occur. No pain, no gain is an archaic phrase and unless you enjoy cold packs, constant stiff necks or being laid up in bed it’s time to look after your body better and avoid injuries as best you can.
  15. Wounded Teddy Bear

  16. Comparing yourself to others – Not everyone can be as fast as Usain bolt or as rich as Bill Gates so comparing your attributes to them is usually a waste of time. Certainly use other people as inspiration, but constant comparisons to people are usually a sure fire way of being miserable and overlooking all the amazing qualities that you have yourself.
  17. Information overload – In this day and age you can pretty much find out anything with just a few clicks of a mouse. This is a fantastic tool, but usually people take on so much information that they then become paralysed and don’t know how to make any decisions. Take on as much info as you need for a particular task and then stop. It is also best to try and gather your info from 2-3 people who are well regarded in their field and leave the wannabe ‘gurus’ to themselves.
  18. Overindulgence – Although not always obvious we can often do too much of the things we enjoy. There are some obvious ones such as sweets and alcohol, but even things such as exercise, sport or your career can end up causing you more harm than good. As with everything in life the key is to striking the right balance.
  19. So those are our suggestions for things you could look at trying to do more or less of this year. Our suggestion is to just pick 1 or 2 of them to start with and once you’re implementing them well and noticing a positive effect then you can return to the list and find a couple more to try. Don’t try to overhaul everything immediately. Make small, consistent steps towards improvement and you’ll be amazed at how far you can go!

    Until next time.

    Live Healthy,

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