Personal Training and Boot Camps in Maidenhead Reading Windsor Uxbridge Marlow Twyford Berkshire

What aps do

aps is a personal training company providing health and fitness programmes to clients in our private studio or at their home. We also run boot camps and team building days for individuals and companies.

aps is located in Maidenhead; covering the surrounding area of Reading, Windsor, Uxbridge, Marlow and Twyford.

Our individually tailored programmes cover all aspects of health and fitness including weight loss, high-energy healthy living, sports performance and strength and conditioning. aps personal trainers can also help in the treatment and prevention of injuries, undiagnosed chronic pain and ongoing medical conditions.

Why choose aps

  • The owners, Matt and Ross, have years of experience as personal trainers with proven results
  • We will work with you as an individual, supporting you every step of the way to achieving your health and fitness goals
  • We have developed our own unique approach to health and fitness based on experience and learning
  • We will help with all aspects of your health and wellbeing
  • You will get results using fun and effective training
  • Train in the friendly and relaxed environment of our private studio
  • Online access to your programmes, results, diary and assessments
aps is not just a company but a health and fitness philosophy.

Fitness 5 key points

  • Train movement patterns
  • Lift weights and raise your heart rate
  • Train smart
  • Flexibility arrow stability arrow strength arrow power
  • Know what you want and how to get there

Diet 5 key points

  • Eat quality, natural foods
  • Keep hydrated with quality water
  • Stay unique, live unique
  • Eat smart
  • Be proactive, have direction

Life 5 key points

  • Sleep smart
  • Give your body a helping hand
  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Identify stressors and create solutions
  • Don't worry, be happy
"Their method is a philosophy of life, not just a training regime and it works.
What else do you need to know?"
- James Petrie


Training and living the aps way is about living happy, relaxed and exciting lives acting positively to be even better tomorrow. We use movement, quality nutrition and a positive attitude coupled with plenty of time for rest and play - our own unique blend for high energy, healthy living.

We believe everyone has the potential to be confident, look good and feel great every day succeeding in every aspect of life. Our MISSION is simple; encourage you to live every day reaching your personal and professional potential. We now want reach a wider audience with our message. To read more about our philosophy check out the foundations of health: fitness, diet and life.

Origins of aps

We (Matt and Ross) first had the idea for aps while studying sport at Southampton University together. At the time it was nothing more than a pipe dream created from a late night chat.

After years of working in the health and fitness industry we saw too many people fail to meet their goals and often hurt themselves along the way.

We knew there must be a better way, so combining knowledge and experience, we developed the aps philosophy which is a unique blend for high energy, healthy living whilst improving performance.

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Bartletts Court,
Bath Road,
07565 528 663

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